Custom Packing & filling

Elevating Packaging Opportunities Everyday

Size Capability


200 grams

236 lbs and higher


Packaging Types

Folding Cartons

Poly bags/pouches 

Paper bags

HDPE cylinders

Plastic bottles/jugs

Pails +

Fiber Drums

Special Options


Certified organic packing & labeling

All closure types

EPA registered

We are an industry leader specialized in contract
filling and labeling of a wide variety of
products including liquids, powders, meals,
granules, seeds, and many other particles.

Whether your choice is custom or pre-purchased
packaging, we fill just about any packaging type; rigid or flexible, plastic or paper, bottles,
cylinders, pouches or boxes; finished with heat
sealing, sewing, shrink-sleeves or screw tops. 

We will work with you to give you the perfectly 
packaged result you are looking for.

We may also be able to process the product for you – please visit our Manufacturing & Blending tab for more information.